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Our 2020 Return to Investors was 12%

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Our investors enjoy healthy returns while participating in socially responsible investing. ProActive Realty Group manages multifamily real estate investments in economically underserved areas. We prioritize both consistent cash flow and long-term capital appreciation.


We bring meaningful economic benefits to our communities and investors alike by providing quality housing to distressed and underserved areas by actively bringing immediate impact to the communities we invest in, while targeting minimum returns of 12% to 16%+! High-yield investment with immediate income paid monthly or quarterly.  In 2020, The Proactive Income Fund had a net return to investors of 12%.

How We Generate Return for Investors



We revitalize and operate multifamily residential assets in areas with high demand for affordable housing. Our hands-on strategy generates stable cash flow and returns for investors. 



Our commitment to providing quality housing, employment opportunities, and support for social programs benefits the communities we invest in, and is key to our mission. 



Are you seeking for a real estate opportunity that offers a healthy return, and also improves the communities you invest in? Proactive Realty Income Fund, LLC unleashes the economic benefits of impact investment for both qualified individual and institutional investors. 

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