About Us

Our ProActive Realty Group management team includes seasoned business and sector professionals dedicated both to the success of our communities and an investor-oriented approach to deliver targeted returns of 12%-16%+. Our broader team includes numerous realty professionals in the local markets where we own property. 


Investors in ProActive Realty Group will receive regular updates including transaction confirmations, quarterly statements, and access to our online Investor Portal, where you can check fund status capital account financial data and which offers 24/7 access to fund status.



Van Williams, PH.D, CPEP

Van Williams, PH.D, CPEP

The ProActive Realty Group team is led by Dr. Van Williams, who has over 22 years of active experience in real estate investment and management. As a private investor, Dr. Williams has a consistent track record of transforming deteriorating properties into high-quality, cash generating assets. His long-term specialization in underserved and working class areas has given him significant advantage when sourcing, revitalizing, and managing new properties. To date, Mr. Williams has been involved in buying, selling, and repositioning over $30 million in commercial multifamily and residential real estate. 


Dr. Williams earned a PhD in Psychology from Madison University. He is a Certified Private Equity Professional (CPEP) and member of the Private Equity Association. Additionally, Mr. Williams is a Registered Property Manager with the International Real Estate Institute, a Certified Business Mediator with the National Association of Mediators, and holds a Certification in Green Property Advisement from Allied Business. Dr. Williams also holds certificates in Psychology, social work and hotel & restaurant management


Michael Zajas, MRED, Managing Director

Michael Zajas is a real estate investments and acquisitions leader with experience in sourcing, underwriting, developing investment strategy, fund creation and management, investor relations, capital raising and portfolio optimization. In the last six years Mr. Zajas worked as a principal with startup ventures or projects to become capitalized, create investment strategies and execute on plans.

Cora Rogers

Cora Rogers has over 45 years of active on the ground real estate experience in some of the roughest areas of the nation including Oakland, Sacramento, and Chicago. Ms. Rogers brings a vast knowledge of management, adding value, repositioning properties, maximizing rents and impacting the local surrounding communities. Ms. Rogers began her career in Oakland, California, eventually expanding her portfolio to Fremont and Sacramento. 


In Sacramento, Ms. Rogers purchased more than 35 units in the G Parkway Condominiums, known as a hub for violence, drug abuse, gangs and blight. Ms. Rogers and a real estate partner purchased the units well below replacement cost, ranging from $10,000 to $25,000. She quickly remodeled, placed new renters, and sold the units for prices as high as $50,000. Her success was featured in the Sacramento Bee newspaper. 


Ms. Rogers then moved her investing empire to Harvey, IL, where she purchased over 25 properties. She currently manages a rental portfolio in Harvey and Phoenix, IL. 

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