Immediate Community Impact

Our investment strategy identifies compelling long-term opportunities and rests on our core commitment to improving both housing for our tenants and the surrounding communities.

By both revitalizing properties and proactively working to improve our targeted communities, we focus on being a positive and impactful force for good. We organize, contribute to, and support initiatives that benefit both the social and community environment where we invest. Earn a targeted 12%-16%+ while also positively impacting communities. This is socially responsible investing.


We strongly believe our approach creates long-term benefits for both economically underserved communities and our investors, thanks to improved value and risk reduction. We are quality affordable housing.

We benefit communities through:
  • Direct and indirect job creation

  • Operating from an impact scoring model for maximum efficacy in the targeted areas where the fund invests 

  • Placing veterans with housing vouchers in quality housing

  • Participating in guaranteed housing payment programs, including working Section 8 residents, domestic violence relocation rental vouchers, and affordable housing

  • Neighborhood clean up and beautification

  • Working with local and state governments to drive the best community outcomes

Qualifying investors can contact us to learn more and to receive a private placement memorandum.