Immediate Secured Income Investment Opportunities to Earn a Targeted 12-16%+

ProActive Realty Group manages capital for institutions and private investors through private investment vehicles offering immediate,  secured income.

Such opportunities are only available to accredited investors, who must meet certain asset, income, and sophistication requirements as defined by US Securities law. You must be an Accredited Investor to participate in this Investment Opportunity.

Our strategy centers around acquiring, renovating, and repositioning multi-family properties for the benefit of investors and local communities. Our objective is to maximize returns within this framework by producing reliable cash flows and/or capital appreciation. We avoid Class A properties and focus on those which are recession resistant, and properties that are in high-demand in all markets.


We offer two programs to investors depending on their cash flow requirements: a 10% fixed quarterly payment or Our 6% preferred quarterly payment, where Our Investors receive a distribution of a Pro Rata share of 60% of Net Cash-Flow.

Our Return to Investors for 2021 was 16%.

Leverage: None
Third Party Administrator: NES Financial

The Benefits of Unlevered Real Estate Investment 
Our pandemic rent collection rate was 100% and we did not halt, reduce, or defer payments to investors during this time. Many of our peers were compelled to cut payments to investors due to the levered nature of their properties—because of our conservative approach, we did not.

Risk Factors

Any investment maintains risk of loss. Please do not invest without prior consultation with your financial, tax, or legal specialist.


Please note that participation in any investment opportunity managed by ProActive Realty Group, LLC is offered only as a private placement to qualifying accredited investors. 

We mitigate risks in numerous ways. Please reference, The PPM & The Opportunity Deck.

Accredited Investors can contact us today to get your login info and access the Investor portal to view the PPM