• Dr. Van Williams, CPEP

Interview with Dr. Van Williams on InspireRY

For the past 23 years, Dr. Van Williams has been an active fund manager and private investor. Through the years, he has specialized in revitalizing underserved areas and turning them into communities with cash-generating assets. Social Impact Investing is His Mission, and way to Serve. As Oprah Winfrey says: “Find A Way to Serve”.

Currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Proactive Realty Group, Dr. Van uses his knowledge in ESG investing to lead a team of dedicated property managers and investment professionals. Together, they consistently search for Value-Add, High Scoring Social Impact properties, Class C and Class B properties to acquire and renovate. And from there, they implement a hands-on active-management strategy for the operation of multifamily and single-family assets that will produce steady cash flow and investment returns. Furthermore, Proactive targets to deliver minimum returns of 12 to 16 percent to its participating investors. Pandemic 2020 The Proactive Realty Income Fund returned 12% actual to Investors.

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