Our Strategy

We focus on acquiring, revitalizing, and optimizing the operations of multifamily rental assets to deliver both stable cash flow and capital appreciation for investors. We target minimum returns of 12% to 16%. We’re always actively searching for and investing in properties. That means money you invest with us will immediately be put to work in our portfolio. 

We see powerful opportunities in Class B and Class C properties, especially in areas facing significant housing shortages. Our nationwide portfolio reflects our commitment to this market. Our team includes local property managers who know the areas we operate in and closely monitor our investments. 


As our name shows, we take a proactive, highly-involved, risk-managed impact approach to property revitalization and management. We go beyond basic turnaround projects. We follow a high impact method to raise up the communities surrounding each of our investment properties, including property renovations and creating jobs for local residents.

Proactive Realty Group brings over 22 years of hands-on experience and demonstrated value for the many factors required for successful real estate investing. 


Learn the details of what we do and how we work 


  • A nationwide network of investment opportunities


  • Experienced, conservative pre-acquisition due diligence

  • Objective property valuation process and price negotiations


  • Smart clean-up and upfront capital repairs

  • Strategic upgrades and property renovations

  • Energy-efficient upgrades and solutions

  • Optimized operating cost


  • Involved and professional onsite active management and staff

  • Installation of security cameras and systems

  • Commercial services to enhance community quality of life and value

  • Support for local social services housing and veteran housing programs  

  • Creation of direct and indirect jobs


  • Business continuity and rental payment assurance assessment for each property

  • Highly conservative approach to insurance coverage to protect cash flows 

  • Use of A-rated-insurers to protect properties

  • Focus on long-term holding periods and prioritization of sustainable cash flows over rapid capital appreciation

Qualifying investors can contact us to learn more and to receive a private placement memorandum.

Income Fund

100 Banashee Circle, Orangeburg, SC, USA

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